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There was a new moon in Aries early this  morning. Astrologically, the sun is currently also in Aries. Making this the first new moon of the new astrological year. Aries often gets a bad press as being ” selfish”. It is the ” I am” sign of the zodiac, and I interpret this as being about self-actualisation.  It is a cardinal sign and so carries a lot of initiating energy.

Anything you call into your life during this new moon will continue to manifest until the Moon is full in Aries on 20th October 2021. Coming as we are easing out of lockdown, this new moon feels particularly pertinent. The lovely sunshine we are currently having, also reminds us of the energy of fire.

I think of Aries as being about Passion, Courage and Conviction. At this new moon I invite you to honour the energy of fire. Sit quietly (play some relaxing music if it helps) light a candle and put aside some time to reflect on these questions:

1. What  do I feel Passionate about and want to birth in my life going forward into this astrological new year?
2. How can I mobilise the Courage to do this?
3. How can I nurture and live by my inner Conviction and express this in the outer world, letting go of any concerns about what others may think?

Write down your answers to these questions and then burn them in the flame, letting Aries fire energy activate them.

Remember, we all have all of the planets of the zodiac in our chart somewhere. If you would like to find out in which area of your life Aries is active, book a chart reading with me.