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Year: Create, Play Reflect Workshop with Jenny Smith

We are deeply connected to the cycles of nature and Astrology is one way we can be reminded of this.

The position of the planets at our time of birth and their relationship to each other, paint an insightful inner portrait: a map of all that we are and all that we are capable of becoming (Birth Chart Reading).

Current and forthcoming planetary transits can provide insight, both suggesting and confirming possible pathways as we negotiate the current decisions we are making (Transit Reading).

Placing two people’s charts together (friends, lovers, business partners, parents and children, or just a significant person in your life ) can highlight strengths, weaknesses areas of growth and also potential challenges to the connection. Astrology can offer insights into how to get the best out of your relationship and the gifts and potential growth areas it offers for both parties. (Synastry Reading)

Astrology is not about fate. It is about helping us make informed choices and can be experienced as having (sometimes contradictory) things we already know, deep inside ourselves, confirmed and clarified. The first time I had my chart read I was amazed that a complete stranger could lay before me some of the conflicting things I felt inside and show me their potential to become my greatest strengths, rather than inner niggles I couldn’t quite reconcile.

Having started reading charts over 30 years ago I am delighted to be returning to this early love, after a break of several years.     For me, Astrology has provided the most insightful answers to the COVID question and I have become particularly interested in how COVID is affecting people differently according to how certain transiting planets are affecting their astrological charts.

My approach to astrology has a psychological, spiritual and creative emphasis, drawing on Jungian Psychology, many years of meditation, my training and experience as an Artist, Bodyworker and Shamanic Practitioner.

As a contemporary Astrologer, I see the reading as a dialogue between us and will invite your active participation, rather than asking you to passively receive information. There is a powerful alchemy happens when we sit down together and engage with your chart (either in person, or online). Unwrapping an astrological chart(s) can be subtle and complex and requires sensitivity. I see a reading as an energetic dance and something that doesn’t happen in quite the same way when you read books about Astrology or have computer generated readings, although both of these have their place.

I am a member of the Scottish Astrological Association.

I offer 90min Birth Chart OR Transit Readings for £120. 90 min Synastry Readings for £120 and Combined Birth Chart and Synastry Readings for £150, with Follow-on Readings at a reduced rate. Please ask for further details.

In person or via Zoom. You will receive a copy of your Astrological chart and a recording of the reading.                   

You can  book a reading here, then email me to arrange a time or email to arrange a time and then confirm your appointment by making  your payment here. Everything shared is fully confidential.

Gift Vouchers available to buy this as a present.


Jenny has a gift of explaining difficult concepts in an easy way, and I found her reading to be insightful with plenty of food for thought. She was thorough and clear, friendly and tactful. While conveying clear information she was able to relate it to me without absolute statements, making the whole session pleasant, informative, inspiring and always safe. She is a mature experienced reader I would recommend.                                                                                                                                           Elisa 2021

‘I’ve found it so helpful to have the opportunity of working with Jenny at this time, particularly in terms of exploring a renewed sense of direction and purpose. I hadn’t had my chart read before, and knew little of astrology, but I really appreciated Jenny’s way of working through dialogue, creating a conversation back and forth about patterns and themes.
I’ve found this work very inspiring and thought-provoking, and a useful way of considering where I am at in my life and the potential for developing along certain paths. It has helped to affirm many of the things that I feel drawn to, and has also been useful for bringing together aspects of my life and personality that I previously saw as dissonant and conflicting.’                                  
Beverly : Birth Chart reading September 2020