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At this time, each year I create a laser cut Xmas bauble as a Christmas card. Over the last 5 years many have referenced my interest in the natural world and the healing properties of every day plants and herbs, which I am exploring in my practice. Several years ago I visited India and on my return purchase some lovely Khadi paper to use in my artwork. Having not got round to making prints from it yet, each year, I pick a different colour of Khadi paper for my Xmas bauble.

This year I was drawn to the lovely deep red paper and decided Rosehip would be a good image to create on this paper. I dutifully created the bauble and laser cut it. After I had posted it out, I became curious about what the healing properties of Rosehip are?

When I looked it up I discovered  Rosehip is full of Vit C and helps the immune system to fight off foreign invaders and out of control cells. Kind of appropriate for this year, me thinks. Doesn’t the universe  work in beautiful and mysterious ways?