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On-going, On-line Dreamgroups with Jenny


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Have you always been curious to know a bit more about dreams and dreamwork?

Do you ever wonder if your dreams are trying to tell you something?

Nobody can tell you what your dreams mean, their symbolism is completely and uniquely yours. It is possible however, to gain a deeper understanding of their meaning and relationship to your conscious life, by exploring them within a confidential, held space, with like minded people. You may be surprised how the deeper meaning of your dream is not obviously connected to the people or places that you dreamt of, or what you initially thought it was about.

Dreamgroups can be magical and transformative spaces and can also sometimes provide a space for us to see and address things our conscious mind may have been happily avoiding. It is deep work that may take you to new and unexepected places. Everyone’s journey with dreams is individual. It can be an opportunity to work with nightmares, blockages or re-occuring dreams that you may not feel confident working with on your own. It can also confirm and affirm the path that you are on and challenging or difficult decisions you may have made on the way. In my experince, our dreams only give us as much as we are able to deal with, when we are able to receive it, but self care is important in this journey and I will encourage you to let your body guide you on how deep you dive.

Dreamwork can be a powerful and magical process and committing to working on dreams regularly can be really empowering and transformative. When we commit to your dreams, they commit to us. In a regular Dreamgroup, the ways you will learn to work on your dreams, include:

  1. Objectification, Mirroring back and asking inner questions, an the basis that everything in the dream represents part of you
  2. Working creatively with your dreams, using paint, collage, clay or writing
  3. Dream Re-entry and Dream Dialoguing
  4. Embodied Enquiry

There is a maximum of 4 places in each group. Each participant will have the opportunity to share a dream and work on it and also to witness and participate in others sharing at each group meeting. This is a very participatory experience and due to the personal nature of the work, it is not recorded.

A Dreamgroup is suitable for those with or without previous experience in Dreamwork and whether you are currently good at remembering your dreams or not. Often people’s dream recall increases as a result of committing to a Dreamgroup. Notes will be provided to help you fully understand the approaches we are using and encourage you to work on other dreams between each group meeting. It is only possible to join an on-going group if you are on the waiting list and have been to either a Dreamworkshop or an On-line Introduction with Jenny. For that reason it is listed as Out of Stock here on the website.

Dates: Fortnightly on a night of the week that is decided by Jenny and the 4 participants
Time: often 7 – 9.15 pm GMT, but other times are possible  and this will be agreed by all participants when dates are agreed

Cost : £25/£20 per person, per meeting (depending on what you are able/comfortable paying according to your means and the value you place on the work) paid in advance at the beginning of each month.

No one will be turned away  due to lack of funds so if you are struggling to afford this, please get in touch.

Meet: on-line via Zoom. I link will be sent when you have booked.

Commitment: I ask for an initial commitment of 3 months and a months notice if you would like to leave the group, to enable closure and someone to be found from the waiting list to take your place. I start a new group organically when I have 4 people expressing an interest and let my waiting list know if a place becomes available in an existing group.

Each week, you will need:

  • Access to zoom in a private space
  • A candle to light when we open each circle together,
  • Pen and paper (journal or dream journal)
  • On the creative nights: a sheet of copy paper and some art or writing materials – pencils, crayons, paint, newspaper and pritt stick, whatever you like to use. The nights you need this will be indicated in advance.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful work with you, if you are called. Any questions, please let me know.

Jenny Smith is a practicing  artist, qualified shamanic practitioner and bodyworker, who began working with her own dreams over 30 years ago. Her own dreamwork led her to get into Art College with no qualifications in art and graduate with a first class B.A.(hons) and a number of awards for her work. She continues to follow her dreams and listen to their wisdom for confirmation of major life decisions and had a dream that indicated it was time for her to start running dream groups and sharing her  approach to dreamwork with others. She draws on Jungian psychology and her training in bodywork, indigenous ceremony, meditation and deep listening and is fully insured for this work.

Comments from previous participants:

A fascinating and insightful online workshop! The information and guidance that Jenny shared created a very beautiful and safe space. We were supported in an exploration of what our dreams can reveal to us and gained very useful tips on how to deepen and continue this work. I have been inspired by this workshop to engage more consciously with my dreams and am excited to discover how this will impact my life. So much gratitude to Jenny and to the other participants in the Group, it was amazing to hear about dreams from all over the country and the other side of the world!             Paula (Taster)

 Jenny’s dreamwork is a wonderful freeing up from the analytical mind and a delving deep into a more embodied, creative, magical approach to dreams. Her skilful and open questions encourage one to feel into the essence and energy of the dream and to speak spontaneously from this place. Rather than fixing on one interpretation I had a sense that the exploration could be an ever unfolding mystery. Beautiful soulful work.             Kate (On-going Dream Group)