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1:1 SYNASTRY READING with Jenny (in person or via zoom)



When we place two people’s charts together, we begin to see the planetary dance of their relationship. What has drawn them together, their shared values, the areas they work well together as a team, the ways they may rub up against each other. The Astrological Chart can show these things on both a surface and deeper level. It can also point to the deeper, transformative healing and growth the coming together of two people has the potential to bring.

I read composite synastry charts, looking at the relationship between each individuals’ chart by placing them together in a bi-wheel. I don’t create a third chart of the relationship (mid points).

Synastry readings work for friends, lovers, business partnerships, family relationships and any other connection between two people.

They can be can be helpful to give a broader (and deeper) perspective in a number of circumstances, including if  :

  • You have just met someone new
  • You have been with someone for a while
  • You are having a particular area of conflict or difficulty with someone
  • You would like to celebrate a relationship
  • You would like to delve a little deeper into a connection

I use the word relationship to include all of the above mentioned and any connection, not just romantic.

This can make a great present, for yourself, or another.

Gift vouchers are available.

Please either

1.Book online and reply to your confirmation email and include both people’s names, date, time and place of birth and if you are happy to, indicate whether each is man or woman and we can then arrange a time for the reading, or me to arrange the time and then confirm your appointment by making payment online. I can also take acrd payment over the phone.

The reading will last approximately 90 minutes

You will receive a recording of the Reading and everything discussed is fully confidential.

I am a member of the Scottish Astrological Association