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Introduction to Dreamwork – February 2022



Introduction to Dreamwork, via Zoom February 2022  Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd. 7- 9 pm

Do you ever wonder if your dreams are trying to tell you something?
Apparently bizarre and unconnected imagery can become profoundly and deeply pertinent to our waking lives, when accessed in an embodied way.
Nobody can tell you what your dreams mean, their symbolism is completely and uniquely yours. It is possible however, to gain a deeper understanding of their resonance and relationship to your conscious life, by exploring them within the confidential context of a group.

Working with dreams can:

  • deepen our understanding of their layers of meaning
  • increase confidence in developing and trusting our inner wisdom
  • build a bridge between our inner and outer worlds
  • help with decision making
  • help us make friends with and accept all the many parts of ourselves
  • help overcome blocks and obstacles
  • help us to see and leave behind habitual patterns and responses that aren’t working anymore, creating empowering new behavioural patterns
  • enable us to reach our full potential and access our intuition, in a fully embodied way
  • add to your tool kit if you work with others in a therapeutic context
  • prevent you having re-occuring dreams/nightmares

Sharing dreams in the confidential context of a group can:

  • bring fresh perspectives that we wouldn’t have seen before
  • help us to stay with difficult/more uncomfortable parts of the dream, which we may avoid when working on our own
  • enable us to experience the power of having our inner world witnessed within a held, confidential space
  • be an opportunity to meet with like minded people on a regular basis

Dreamwork can be a gentle, powerful and magical process. This will be an embodied, experience-based introduction to Dreamwork over 4 evenings. I will  introduce the following 4 approaches to Dreamwork, with notes provided after each meeting. This course is designed to enable you to feel confident working with your dreams on your own at home and give therapists some tools for working with client’s dreams, by learning how to work with their own dreams.

WK1: All aspects of the dream are a part of you. Starting from Jung’s belief that all aspects of your dream are a part of you and nobody can interpret your dream for you, you will learn ways to remember and explore your dreams, including how to discover which parts of you may be appearing in your dreams in the guise of the people and places you dream about. You will also be introduced to the importance of being embodied in dreamwork and ways to quieten down the analytical mind.

WK2 : Dream Dialoging, gain direct access to the meaning and symbolism of your dreams by being introduced to how to dialogue with people, symbols and places in your dreams.

WK3: Creative Dream Flow. When we draw, paint, collage or write from dreams, we engage in an often non-verbal, creative dream flow, allowing our soul to speak through the creative medium we choose. This can often bypass the analytical mind and bring new and unexpected insights. No creative experience needed.

WK4: Embodied Enquiry. Inspired by Eugene Gendlin’s Focussing Orientated approach to Dreamwork, you will learn how to give our dream to the body’s felt sense. This can by-pass any habitual responses we may have when working with dreams and bring a gentle, embodied, fresh approach to dreamwork which has the ability to take us to new and un-expected places of insight and growth.

Jenny Smith is a practicing artist, astrologer, qualified shamanic practitioner and massage therapist, who started working with her own dreams 30 years ago and found it a life changing experience. Her approach to dreamwork draws on deep listening, Jungian psychology, embodied enquiry, indigenous ceremony and meditation. Jenny will introduce her unique way of working with dreams, which combines her many years of personal experience and professional trainings. This group is suitable for those with or without previous experience in Dreamwork.

Date: Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February 2022
Time: 7-9.30 pm
Cost: £60/£50  (waged//unwaged) for the 4 sessions.

Please email for a discount code for concessionary rats. Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds, so please also email  if you are struggling to afford this amount

Meet: on-line via Zoom. This is a live, experiential workshop, which will require your active participation and dream sharing. Due to the personal nature of the work, it  will not be recorded. A zoom link will be sent when you book.

Comments from previous course participants:

“I’ve been attending one of Jenny’s on-line dream groups for almost a year now and have learnt so much about myself. Jenny has helped me to feel and embody the essence of my dreams as well as to notice patterns. As a result, I feel really in tune with own my vibrations.  My life is so full of magic and wonder thanks to Jenny’s dream guidance!           Aisak 2021

Jenny’s dreamwork is a wonderful freeing up from the analytical mind and a delving deep into a more embodied, creative, magical approach to dreams. Her skilful and open questions encourage one to feel into the essence and energy of the dream and to speak spontaneously from this place. Rather than fixing on one interpretation I had a sense that the exploration could be an ever unfolding mystery. Beautiful soulful work              Kate 2020

“ Jenny creates a nourishing, relaxed and creative space to explore dreams in a group setting. The small group size builds trust which is vital in developing the deeper connections needed for this type of work.”                                                                                                          Juliette 2020

Image credit: at-kamrowskiphotography