FREE Introduction to Dreamwork: Sat 16th May 2-4.30pm



An Introduction to Dreamwork,  Sat 16th May 2-4pm

I am delighted to offer my first Free Introduction to Dreamwork via Zoom. We are facing uncertain times and as the outer world feeds feelings of fear and panic, our inner world can be a good place to seek refuge and grow. Are you finding watching the news and TV a bit depressing? why not watch you “inner” news instead? It’s much more interesting 🙂

Indigenous cultures have always understood the power of our dreamtime. In the west we have tended towards analysing dreams with the mind. In this introduction to Dreamwork, we will not be interpreting dreams, analytically. I will facilitate you to understand and embody them in your waking life. Dreams have a great potential to bring us into balance, by bringing the unconscious into our conscious awareness. Apparently bizarre and unconnected imagery can become profoundly and deeply pertinent to our waking lives, when accessed in an embodied way. Nobody can tell you what your dreams mean, their symbolism is completely and uniquely yours. It is possible however, to gain a deeper understanding of their resonance and relationship to your conscious life, by exploring them within the confidential context of a group.

There will be the opportunity for 4 people to share a dream and work on it with the group. The rest of the group will be a witness and/or participate in asking questions. A variety of ways to work with dreams will be introduced. This group is suitable for those with or without previous experience in Dreamwork. Please have a pen and paper /Journal handy and a dream written down if you would like to share and work on your dream with the group.

Date: Sat 16th May 2020
Time: 2 – 4.30 pm
Cost: FREE
Meet: on-line via Zoom. I link will be sent when you have booked

Jenny is an artist and shamanic practitioner who has been working with her own dreams for over 30 years. Her approach to dreamwork draws on deep listening, Jungian psychology, her training in indigenous ceremony and over 20 years of practicing Zen meditation.