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I offer one to one sessions in:

Dreamwork (in person or via Skype) £50 for an hour (or by agreed concession during COVID19)

A session lasts one hour. Please bring a dream written down (or a number, to chose one from) a journal and a pen. No previous experience of dreamwork required, just a curiosity and willingness to embody and engage with your dreams, listening to the deep wisdom our dreamtime offers. Please see the page on Dreamgroups to find out more about this work.

Creative Mentoring VIA ZOOM DURING COVID19)  £50 an hour (or by agreed concession during COVID19)

A session will usually last an hour, but could be longer. Creative mentoring can focus on your actual creative work and direction, elements of professional practice, or a combination of the two. We can also look at creative blocks, work life balance and changing direction, absorbing life changes. This work will be tailored to you individual needs.

Astrological Readings : Birth Chart or Transits. Introductory price of  £60 for a one-hour reading (or by agreed concession during COVID19) via Zoom, recording and copy of Birth Chart provided.

We are deeply connected to the cycles of nature and astrology is one of the ways we can be reminded of this. The position of planets at our time of birth and their relationship to each other can provide us with an insightful map of our potential in this life. (Birth Chart Reading) and the current and year ahead planetary transits can provide insight, help and guidance as we negotiate the current decisions we are making in our lives (Transit Reading). Having started reading charts over 30 years ago I am delighted to be returning to this early love, after a break of several years For me, Astrology has provided the most insightful answers to the COVID question and I have become particularly interested in how COVID is affecting people differently according to how certain transits affect their astrological charts. My approach to astrology draws on modern psychological interpretation, myths and legends and the insights of my training as an artist and shamanic practitioner.

Shamanic Energy Work (VIA ZOOM DURING COVID19) £75 for 90 mins (or by agreed concession during COVID19)

Shamanic work can take many forms and is a subtle, transformative and empowering way to work with soul alignment. A session may involve me taking a Shamanic Journey on your behalf to retrieve a power animal, soul part that has been lost and/or to bring your energy back into balance. Another possibility is I can facilitate you to take a Shamanic Journey for yourself. It may also involve divination and energy healing using an egg. Shamanic work is rich and varied and will be tailored to your individual needs. I often incorporate working intuitively with sound. A session lasts up to an hour and a half.

Stone Divination: £25 for 30 mins (or by agreed concession during COVID19) On-line     

Bring a stone and a question and I will facilitate you in how to find the answer in the stone. This is an ancient shamanic technique that is a beautiful way of drawing on the relationship between your own inner wisdom and the natural world. I have been doing divination for over 30 years personally and love this work because it draws out your own ability to connect, “see” and trust what you are receiving on a deeper level.

I am also open to combining any combination of the above to create one to one sessions tailored to your individual needs.

If you are struggling to pay the above rates, please let me know as concessionary rates are available, in response to need and particularly to those suffering financial hardship during COVID19

Please email me or phone 0771 3901 730 to arrange a free 20min chat about any of the 1 hr one – to – one options.