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Shamanic Alchemist Healing Circles


©Jenny Smith

In the practice of cross-cultural shamanic healing it is acknowledged that the power of the healing for an individual or for a piece of land is multiplied exponentially by the number of compassionate family, friends, and community members present.

A Healing Circle Day is a wonderful opportunity for peer practitioners to come together and collectively offer and receive healing. The practioners present agree to put their personality and conditioning aside, allowing unhindered spiritual energy to work its magic. When two or more spiritual energies come together, the union generates a magical third energy, of change, transformation, and healing.

Within this healing circle, held by the ‘Alchemist’, several spirits are called forward to perform a healing on individuals through the medium of their human companions. Each Alchemist’s circle has up to 7 spirits, which form the inner healing circle, supported by an outer circle. We will rotate the inner and outer circle during the day, so everyone participates in both. The role of Alchemist will also be rotated.

Shamanic Practioners who have trained with Twobirds Cunningham (Embracing Shamanism) will be familiar with the Alchemist Healing Circle, and have experience of this as part of your Practioner Training.

Shamanic Practioners from other traditions who are familiar with healing methods including Extraction Medicine, Soul Retrieval, and Power Animal Retrieval work are also very welcome.  As are individuals working with other forms of energy healing (such as Reiki). The way the Circle works will be explained to anyone who is new to it and Twobirds also offers 3 day Healing Circle Trainings if you feel called to explore this work further at a future date.

Having completed my Shamanic Practitioner Training with Twobirds in 2017, I  trained as an Alchemist in 2020 and set up an on-line Healing Circle over lockdown, with a group of fellow practitioners. We discovered that Healing Circles work in a beautiful and slightly different way online. The online Healing Circle currently meets on the first Sunday of the month, rotating the role of Alchemist. All welcome.

As we come out of lockdown I am delighted to offer in-person Healing Circles at the Mission Hall Studio in Edinburgh: a quiet, still space in Leith, particularly suited to this work.

We recently set up a Facebook Group called The Shamanic Alchemist Healing Circle Collective. This is a closed group, open for anyone to share details of on-line and in-person Shamanic Alchemist Healing Circles they are holding.

Any questions please email me If not, please see below for details of forthcoming Healing Circles at the Mission Hall Studio in Edinburgh. Look forward to sharing this beautiful work with you.

Damoon x