Drawn to Dreams     Dream groups with Jenny Smith

Indigenous cultures have always understood the power of our dreamtime. In the west we have tended towards analysing dreams with the mind. No body can interpret your dreams for you, but sharing your dreams in a  held, confidential space and exploring ways to embody and actualise them in the outer world, can, in my experience, be a life changing experience. I have been doing Dreamwork myself for over 30 years and currently run 2 an ongoing (closed) Dream Groups, which meet regularly. I also  offer 1:1 Dreamwork and a selection of Dreamwork workshops.

I am offering a FREE  Introduction to Dreamwork via Zoom on Sat 16th May  & Tuesday 16 June 2020 and some NEW ON-LINE Dream Immersion Workshops with a concessionary rate for those who are in financial difficulty due to COVID. Please see details below:

Jenny holds the space as a ceremony and for me it is a magical place. The alchemy of the group has been clear from the start, it’s a safe place to explore. I’ve gained several important insights about myself. I’ve made some wonderful and profound changes to my life in the last 14 months and this group has been a pivotal part of that.


Highly recommended! Jenny creates a very warm, welcoming and well structured session. Her incisive questioning and long experience in dream work has brought a new and clear view to my dreams. My aim was to more strongly connect my dream world to my day to day life and the Dream group is helping me to achieve this.


I love being part of Jenny’s Dream group, it’s such is a respectful, gentle, sacred space. Hearing other members dreams and being part of the conversation to unravel the meaning is just as fulfilling as when it’s my turn, with my weird (and sometimes embarrassing) dreams shared with the circle. I use the interpretations and questions for further self enquiry and meditation, with a view to easing in subtle changes to my conscious waking life

Wild Ivy