Monthly Full Moon and Creativity Circles with Jenny Smith

COVID19 Update : Full Moon Circles will still run on the dates below, but via Zoom  until further notice.

We live in a fast-paced world and can sometimes forget to notice the cycles of nature that are occurring around (and within) us. The moon is silently and very powerfully completing a cycle of waning and waxing each month and when it is full, shines brightly in illumination of all that has been and all that is to be. Taking time to sit together in a circle when the moon is at its brightest can be a deeply enriching experience. Shining light on our inner landscape through deep listening and authentic sharing together is a deceptively simple activity, which can birth powerful alchemy. In honour of this, Jenny holds a circle each full moon.

This is a mixed gender circle and is slightly different each month, depending on this particular moon; its astrological influences and which tree it relates to in the Celtic calendar. This circle is a held space that is co-created by your individual experience of this particular moon and the alchemy we weave as a group. It will contain reflection, deep listening, sharing, song, sound, ceremony and finish with a focused time of creative play and manifestation. (The selection of art materials available, including clay, paint, wire, beads and natural found objects will be on hold whilst the Circle is help on Zoom during COVID190.

Held on Zoom during COVID19

Meet at 6.45 for a 7.00pm start, ends around 9.00pm.

Tuesday 7 April  

Thursday 7 May

Friday 5 June  

Sunday 5 July  

Monday 3 August

Wednesday 2 September  

Thursday 1 Oct  

Friday 30 October

Monday 30 Nov

Wednesday 30 Dec

Please contact Jenny for more details.

Look forward to sharing this circle with you. Please get in touch if you have any questions.