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About Jenny

I have been a practicing artist for over 25 years with an established studio practice. During this time I have always been drawn to a number of other practices that have supported and nurtured my inner life. I have been meditating for 20 years, qualified as a massage therapist in 1996, shortly after graduating from art college and have been working with and embodying my dreams in my outer life for 30 years, initially using dream imagery as source material for artwork in the early stages of my career and subsequently turning to my dreams for help with important life decisions.

Dreamwork, Meditation and Bodywork are an important way I stay in balance and connected to my inner wisdom, more fully.  I started dancing 5Rythms eight years ago and also became interested in our forgotten and inherent connection to nature, which led me to qualify as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2017. Training with Twobirds Cunningham at Anam Cara in Inverness. This both bought some exciting new directions into my studio practice. (you can see my artwork at and also called me to explore some new directions, working with others. This website contains some of the things I am “drawn” to and now offering as workshops or one to one sessions. 

I see life as a dance between the inner and outer worlds we live within, each enriching the other. Yet sometimes we may forget to listen to the  “still small voice” of our inner prompting because we are so busily focused on the outer, or perhaps we are too afraid to hear what our inner wisdom is trying to tell us? If we don’t start to listen voluntarily, sometimes something abrupt or life-changing can happen in the outer world which give us a wake up call.

Much of my work is rooted in deep listening and mirroring. As an artist I have learnt to listen deeply to the subtlely of materials and I have always understood the creative process as a conversation. This extends into my work with groups and individuals where I am increasingly aware of the transformative power of listening deeply both to ourselves and others. It is from this deep listening that the alchemy of transformation can occur, individually and collectively.